Welcome to the Breakaway Learners‘ website. This book offers a set of initiatives that can enable student success across the educational landscape. Educational access and success is, for me, one of the central issues of our time. Education has the capacity literally and figuratively to lift generation. The present equity gap is unacceptable for any nation that believes in concepts of equality and equity for all.

The book is a product of my many years working in education at all levels; it represents my best effort to offer positive, doable approaches to improving education systems and offerings and in so doing, we will help our students, their families, our nation and the larger world. Join me in thinking about educational opportunity and success and I hope this book provides you with ideas, with opportunities to challenge existing approaches, with creative solutions.

And, even if you don’t agree on all or many or some of the ideas expressed here, I hope it will encourage you to focus on educational reform and to think broadly and deeply about how to improve the lives of people in our nation.

About the Author
Karen Gross is a Washington, DC–based advisor and consultant to non-profit schools, organizations, and governments. She was president of Southern Vermont College and senior policy advisor to the United States Department of Education. >READ HER FULL BIO HERE







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